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About Us - South America Peru Tours

We are the team S.A. PERU, a travel company that is based in Cusco, Peru. It is formed by a Cusquenian local, Yuliana Ortiz, who has been working in tourism for about 13 years, loves to travel and this hospitality industry, and her husband and partner Jonathan Goldsmith, originally from Alabama, United States, who fell in love with Peru at an early age and is now living in Peru and very much enjoying helping others with their travel plans to visit this wonderful country.

Living here inspire us to offer you a great experience and know better about Peru and South America destinations, we enjoy very much listening travellers best experiences. We are constantly looking for new and interesting experiences to offer, always being respectful to the environment and to local people, helping them to improve their lives.

Traveling with S.A. PERU, is more than a vacation, is an experience to get to know the real country, enjoying meeting wonderful people and visiting amazing places, through authentic experiences while engaging with social and environmental responsibility not only in Peru but in the most remarkable destinations in South America.

We are partners with the best operators in the other countries of south America. Come with us and take back home an extraordinary experience!

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When you book a tour with South America Peru Tours “S.A. Peru” you can relax and feel safe to know that we are always there to help. Before departure we provide you with some travel information containing 24 hours number from us in Cusco and all our local operators who will be looking to you around your trip. You can also contact us if there is something that cannot be resolved so easily and need to speak with us