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8 Days Great Peru Northern Kingdom: Chiclayo, Kuelap & Cajamarca

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HIGHLIGHTS: Chiclayo, Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, Tucume Pyramids, Chachapoyas, Gocta waterfalls, Kuelap Fortress, Macro Towers, Revash Tombs, Leymebamba, Celendin, Cajamarca.

Explore one of the most new recommended destinations visiting the northern Peru. Embrace different pre-Incan cultures by exploring the ancient ruins of them as the Chachapoyas in the Cloud Forest of the Northern Peruvian Rainforest, the Lambayeque in the North coast with the Lord of Sipan and their artistic treasures. At the end of the trip you will visit cajamarca, an historical place where the Inca met downfall at the hands of Spanish invaders in 1532. This journey is specially for travelers with a special interest in archaeology and a taste of adventure spirit, one of the most recommendable Peru north destinations.

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  • Day 1: Arrival to Chiclayo / Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum (No Lunes) and Túcume Pyramids
  • Day 2: Chiclayo - Chachapoyas
  • Day 3: Gocta waterfalls & petroglyphs of Pitaya
  • Day 4: Kuelap Fortress
  • Day 5: Revash Tombs and to Leymebamba Museum
  • Day 6: Leymebamba – Celendin - Cajamarca
  • Day 7: Cumbemayo, City tour y Baños del inca
  • Day 8: Departure Cajamarca

Travel Route

tours peru 8 days

Day 1 Arrival to Chiclayo, Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum and the Túcume Pyramids
Arrival at the International Capitan FAP Jose Abelardo Quiñones Gonzales airport, welcome and transfer to start the tour around the archeological site of Túcume, where we can observe 26 truncated pyramids of up to 35 meters high from the Lambayeque culture (800-1470 AC). Afterwards we will visit the great museum of The Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipán, the most important archeological discovery in Latin America in the last 30 years. A delicious Lunch in Lambayeque.

  • Private Tour: City of Trujillo, and in the afternoon the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon with transfers from/to airport and a night in this beautiful colonial city of Trujillo.
  • Private transport from Trujillo to Chiclayo.

Day 2 Chiclayo - Chachapoyas
After breakfast you will depart from Chiclayo by private car. Late in the afternoon will be the arrival in Chachapoyas (8 - 9 hrs of ride by private car). Box lunch will be on the journey.

Day 3 Sacred Valley Tour
After breakfast we ride for about 2 hours towards Cocachimba town, on the way we will stop by in the Petroglyphs of Pitaya. Then we will continue for a hike for about 2 hours until arrive to the Gocta waterfalls, consider the third highest waterfall in the world (771 m). During the journey we will enjoy beautiful landscapes, colorful flowers and orchids, green mixed vegetation, many species of birds, butterflies, and maybe some species of hummingbirds. Return to the town of Cocachimba for another 2 hours approx. to then ride back to Chachapoyas town.

Day 4 Kuelap and the Macro Towers
After breakfast you will ahead to ride for about 2 hrs ride till arrive to Kuelap, the great pre-Inca walled city hidden atop of a precipitous mountain, built in VI a.C , you will have a professional guided tour of this great site (2-3 hrs approx.), with high walls of 20m high that surround about 500 circular houses; all this site is distributed with different purpose building as ceremonials, towers, temples and living houses. Also during the way you will see wonderful landscapes of the high forest besides to stop by to see the Macro towers a small archaeological site located in the slope of a mountain. Return to Chachapoyas town.

Day 5 Revash Tombs and Leymebamba Museum
This morning we visit the mausoleums of Revash, located high on the mountain, they are important tombs as mausoleums of two and three floors that was for important people from the Chachapoyas society. To reach the houses we need to climb for about 1- 1.5h on a small trail or climb on horseback (extra charge), return hike enjoying this ecological zone. Late lunch in Leymebamba and in the afternoon visit to the Mallqui Museum which exhibits archeological remains founded in the Laguna de Los Cóndores, like 200 mummies from the Chachapoyas culture; among other important pieces this museum has, are some ceramics, textiles (quipus-cords) and small metal pieces from the Inca and Colonial time.

Day 6 Leymebamba – Celendin - Cajamarca
We head to Cajamarca, during the way you will cross the Calla Mountain Range where the highest point is at 3,600m (11,811ft) to then descend into the deep of the canyon next to the Marañon River, going through different ecological zones and beautiful different landscapes. Then we get into the Cajamarca region until we arrive to the city of the same name, where it happened the encounter of two worlds, the Andean Inca and the Spanish from the Ancient continent. All the ride takes about 7-8 hrs until get to Cajamarca.

Day 7 Cajamarca, Cumbemayo, City Tour, Inca’s Bath Springs
In the morning we will go to Cumbemayo archaeological site (3,500m), where we can see the forest of rocks or stones or called Frailones, they suddenly appear from the landscape, also we can see the archaeological pre-Inca complex, a place where the highest hydraulic technology was developed in Peru with great narrow rivers aqueducts.
In the afternoon, visit to the Cajamarca city, the main square where was the scenery of the first encountering between Atahualpa and Francisco Pizarro, The Hill Santa Polonia, the Cathedral of Baroque style, the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, the Rescue Room and the Baths Springs of the Inca. The transfer to the hotel to rest.

Day 8 Departure Cajamarca to Lima
At the appropriate time your transfer will pick you up and bring you to the Cusco Airport where you will catch your flight home.
End of our services.


*Tours, Excursions & Required Entrance Fees : Group & Shared Tours

  • Day 01: Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum Uros and Tucume Pyramids
  • Day 03: Gocta Waterfalls and Pitaya Petroglifos
  • Day 04: Kuelap complex site and the Macro Towers
  • Day 05: Revash Tombs and Leymebamba Mallqui Museum
  • Day 06: Celendin
  • Day 07: Cajamarca, Cumbemayo, City tour, Inca’s Baths Spring


  • Day 01: Chiclayo, Airport – Hotel
  • Day 02: Chiclayo - Chachapoyas
  • Day 03: Juliaca Airport - Puno Hotel
  • Day 06: Leymebamba – Celendin – Cajamarca
  • Day 08: Cajamarca, Hotel – Airport


  • Professional Tour Guide English/Spanish speaking in every location


  • 01 Night of accommodation at Hotel 3* in Chiclayo
  • 03 Nights of accommodation at Hotel 3* in Chachapoyas
  • 01 Night of accommodation at Hotel 3* in Leymebamba
  • 02 Nights of accommodation at Hotel 3* in Cajamarca


  • 07 breakfast at the hotels
  • 04 Lunches and 02 Box Lunches


  • Personalized assistance by during your whole trip


  • Meals not described on itinerary
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Airport taxes
  • Domestic or national and international flights
  • Tips
  • Transfers, Entrance Fees & Tour Guides for The Optionals on itinerary (See Optionals part)



  • Private tour of the city of Trujillo, and in the afternoon to Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon, with transfers to / from the airport and one night in this beautiful colonial city of Trujillo. The Temple of the Sun and the Moon were central places of worship made of adobe for the Moche society, which were built around 500 dc.
  • Transfer by private transport from Trujillo to Chiclayo, about 3 hours.


  • Please have a print copy of your final itinerary due to days prior of the trip may be some changes that can slightly change.
  • The itinerary has some flexibility; in order to offer a better service occasionally it may be necessary to change or make some alterations.
  • If at the time of booking, the hotels listed are no longer available, we will book another available hotel of the same category, and we will let you know before arrival.


Non Conventional Activities

  • Visiting a Local School or home step
  • Sharing a Lunch with Local Family
  • Traditional activities with a Local Family
  • Sacred offering ceremony to Mother Earth, Pachamama
  • Yoga & Healing
  • Ayahuasca sessions
  • Gastronomy & Culinary Tours
  • Vounteering
Adventure and Active activities
  • Long and short Hikes
  • Biking, Rafting, rock climbing, paragliding
  • Horse Riding
  • Via Ferrata
  • Spotting Whales in the North
Other Activities
  • Classes such as: Cooking, Playing music, Dancing, Pottery, spanish and others