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Peru, as mega-diverse country, is the result of a mixture of cultures starting with the great heritage of the native origins building to the most famous culture of the Incas. Subsequently this country has enjoyed migrations from many different countries such as Europe mainly Spain,China, Japan and Africa. This is only one of the many reasons Peru has become a main travel destination in South America. The richness, ancient and mixed culture, in addition to its great biodiverse wildlife Peru provides you with a multitude great possibilities for diverse and fun option. Peru is a perfect destination to give you a memorable vacation in many styles of travels such as school trips, family tours, luxury vacations, customize travels, local living trips, classic, cultural and adventure tours and many others.

Peru has many nominations and prizes, among the most relevant comes from The United Nations naming many cities as World Heritage sites to the Historic Centers of the cities of Cusco, Arequipa, Lima and to the archaeological sites of Chavin (Ancash), Chan Chan (Trujillo), The Nazca Lines, The Sacred city of Caral and The Qhapaq Ñan (red of paths). A few of the Natural attractions are The Manu National Park and The Huascaran National Park (snowcap mountain). There are also several attractive mixed sites such as the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary that also are recognized by the United Nations. Some of the most remarkable attractions in Peru are; the Dance of Marinera, El Caballo de Paso (Peruvian Horse Breed). Peru offers wonderful gastronomy such as Cebiche (or ceviche), the Pisco, the Pachamanca and the Picarones among other delicious dishes.


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We would love to show you a very different style by experiencing the countries interesting perspectives away from the crowded places so you can obtain a closer connection to our wonderful countries heritage.Explore our amazing country, rural local living, cultural local activities, unknown places and new ways of recharging your spirit with the Andean cosmology. Join us with these unconventional tours and enjoya new interesting experience!